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How about a new desk, hutch, or book case for your office, your bedroom, your study, or where ever?

Need new, high-quality, kitchen cabinets that are also beautiful?


Go ahead, let Walker Custom Design build them for you.


Walker Custom Design (WCD) also specializes in hardwood floors, trim and molding, ceilings, room additions, and just about any custom wood work you need done. See my Services page for more.

Chair Rail on lower wall
WCD custom mills all of its pieces to exacting specifications.

Custom Designed Wood Work and Construction!

Bring Your Wood Work and Home Improvement Ideas To Life!

Dare to Dream All Your Home Can Be!

Did you know that most so-called wood workers use pre-fabricated plastics and cheaper wood products to build your prized custom masterpiece? Well, not at Walker Custom Design. WCD knows this business.

Kenneth Walker, the owner of WCD is a skilled craftsman, and not just an installer! There IS a difference, a huge one! Do you want something installed, or do you want a beautiful piece that you can showcase in your home for years to come.

...You've heard the saying - "They don't make'em like they used to!" Well, at WCD, YES - THEY DO! Take a look at some of the many examples here on the WCD website. Then, give Kenneth a call for a fast quote on your new, custom wood work solution.

I wish you the very best.

Kenneth Walker
Custom Wood Work Handyman! - Walker Custom Design


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